Petrogenesis and geodynamic significance of late Early Jurassic complex in Qinsai, Hainan Island, South China Sea

Publication: Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences
14 March 2023


Whole-rock geochemical and U–Pb–Hf isotopic data were used to investigate the age, petrogenesis, and tectonic setting of a suite of gabbro–diorite–monzonite–syenite rock exposed in Qinsai area, Hainan Island. Zircon U–Pb dating shows that the gabbro and monzonite, respectively, crystallized at 179.5 ± 2.7 and 179.0 ± 2.3 Ma. The suite consists of shoshonitic alkaline intrusive rocks with SiO2 content ranging from 41.7 to 63.4 wt%, with high U, K, and Pb and low Nb, Ta, and Ti. The suite is enriched in light rare earth elements relative to heavy rare earth elements. The gabbro has no obvious Eu anomaly but a positive Eu anomaly is evident in intermediate rocks. Zircon εHf(t) values are positive and have a wide variation (gabbro εHf(t) = +5.2 ± 8.2, monzonite εHf(t) = +4.7 ± 7.1). Gabbro and syenite are both likely derived from an enriched lithospheric mantle that was metasomatized by subduction fluids. Syenite evolved from the differentiation of gabbro, monzonite, and diorite. Collectively, these intrusive rocks formed in an extensional regime within an arc formed by subduction of the ancient Pacific plate beneath the Asian margin, which was accompanied by extensional thinning of the lithosphere.

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Published In

cover image Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences
Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences
Volume 60Number 6June 2023
Pages: 616 - 634


Received: 6 September 2022
Accepted: 16 January 2023
Published online: 14 March 2023
Version of record online: 14 March 2023

Data Availability Statement

Data generated or analyzed during this study are provided in full within the published article.


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Key Words

  1. Hainan
  2. Middle Jurassic
  3. intrusive rocks
  4. U–Pb age
  5. geochemistry
  6. petrogenesis



College of Earth Sciences, Jilin University, Changchun 130061, Jilin, China
Key Laboratory of Mineral Resources Evaluation in Northeast Asia, Ministry of Natural and Resources, Changchun 130061, China
Author Contributions: Conceptualization, Data curation, Formal analysis, Funding acquisition, Investigation, Methodology, Project administration, Resources, Software, Supervision, Validation, Visualization, Writing – original draft, and Writing – review & editing.
Jintao Kong
College of Earth Sciences, Jilin University, Changchun 130061, Jilin, China
Author Contributions: Conceptualization, Data curation, Formal analysis, Funding acquisition, Investigation, Methodology, Project administration, Resources, Software, Supervision, Validation, Visualization, Writing – original draft, and Writing – review & editing.
Ningchen Sun
College of Earth Sciences, Jilin University, Changchun 130061, Jilin, China
Author Contributions: Data curation, Investigation, Methodology, Visualization, and Writing – review & editing.
Rihui Cheng
College of Earth Sciences, Jilin University, Changchun 130061, Jilin, China
Author Contributions: Investigation, Methodology, Resources, Supervision, and Writing – review & editing.
Li Zhang
College of Earth Sciences, Jilin University, Changchun 130061, Jilin, China
Author Contributions: Data curation, Investigation, Visualization, and Writing – review & editing.

Author Contributions

Conceptualization: ZX, JK
Data curation: ZX, JK, NS, LZ
Formal analysis: ZX, JK
Funding acquisition: ZX, JK
Investigation: ZX, JK, NS, RC, LZ
Methodology: ZX, JK, NS, RC
Project administration: ZX, JK
Resources: ZX, JK, RC
Software: ZX, JK
Supervision: ZX, JK, RC
Validation: ZX, JK
Visualization: ZX, JK, NS, LZ
Writing – original draft: ZX, JK
Writing – review & editing: ZX, JK, NS, RC, LZ

Competing Interests

The authors declare that there is no conflict of interest regarding the publication of this article.

Funding Information

This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant number: 41872101).

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