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Volume 101Issue 3June 2023

Editors-in-Chief: James R. Davie, Ph.D.; Christopher J. Nelson, Ph.D.
Published since 1929, this bimonthly journal explores general biochemistry and includes up-to-date coverage of experimental research into cellular and molecular biology in eukaryotes. Read More
Biochemistry and Cell Biology
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April 25 2023

Editor's Choice - Biochemistry and Cell Biology

A type of cancer called diffuse large B cell lymphoma (DLBCL) can often become resistant to treatment. DLBCL can have mutations in certain genes that affect how they function.
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February 28 2023

Editor's Choice - Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Chromatin structure has a profound effect on the regulation of gene expression in eukaryotes. Compact chromatin (called heterochromatin) precludes the access of regulatory factors to DNA and determines which genes are not expressed in the cell.
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January 26 2023

Editor's Choice - Biochemistry and Cell Biology

A new protein, FYCO1, may be involved in regulating tumour metastasis.
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