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Volume 11Issue January 2023

Editors-in-Chief: Dominique Chabot, Ph.D.; Karen Anderson, Ph.D.
Drone Systems and Applications (formerly the Journal of Unmanned Vehicle Systems)  is an electronic-only, open-access, peer-reviewed journal that features research related to the rapidly emerging international field of unoccupied or uncrewed vehicle systems: i.e., remotely controlled or autonomous mobile robots that operate in the air, on the ground, on or below the water surface, or in outer space. Read More
Drone Systems and Applications
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September 6 2023

Editor's Choice - Drone Systems and Applications

Underground stope mapping is crucial to evaluate the quantity of blasted rock and site integrity, however underground operations present a significant challenge for mining companies due to narrow, complex-shaped, poorly lit, and dusty environments.
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August 3 2023

Editor's Choice - Drone Systems and Applications

For the first time ever, samples were collected from volcanic lake waters in Costa Rica using an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), which represents a major achievement in human–machine interaction and innovation in the technology sector.
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October 17 2022

Editor's Choice - Drone Systems and Applications

Formerly the Journal of Unmanned Vehicle Systems, this year our journal changed its title in recognition of the fact that ‘unmanned’ is not an inclusive term. This editorial lays out the rationale for changing our title, explains how and why we chose our new title, Drone Systems and Applications, and advocates for the research community as a whole to embrace ‘drone’ as an umbrella term for all types of robotic vehicles.
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