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Volume 12Issue January 2024

Editors-in-Chief: Dominique Chabot, Ph.D.; Karen Anderson, Ph.D.
Drone Systems and Applications (formerly the Journal of Unmanned Vehicle Systems)  is an electronic-only, open-access, peer-reviewed journal that features research related to the rapidly emerging international field of unoccupied or uncrewed vehicle systems: i.e., remotely controlled or autonomous mobile robots that operate in the air, on the ground, on or below the water surface, or in outer space. Read More
Drone Systems and Applications
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January 8 2024

Editor's Choice - Drone Systems and Applications

This article explores Indigenous ethical dimensions of integrating drones in Canadian contexts, represented by the acronym DRONE.
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September 6 2023

Editor's Choice - Drone Systems and Applications

Underground stope mapping is crucial to evaluate the quantity of blasted rock and site integrity, however underground operations present a significant challenge for mining companies due to narrow, complex-shaped, poorly lit, and dusty environments.
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August 3 2023

Editor's Choice - Drone Systems and Applications

For the first time ever, samples were collected from volcanic lake waters in Costa Rica using an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), which represents a major achievement in human–machine interaction and innovation in the technology sector.
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